Subscription terms

1. Terms

1.1            When you subscribe to our ‘set and forget’ subscription service, you confirm your acceptance of these Subscription Terms in addition to our Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept these, you will not be able to subscribe.

2. Subscription eligibility and discounts

2.1            Our subscription service applies to selected products only when purchased from our online shop located at . Product eligibility for the Subscription Programme is shown on the relevant product page and within our FAQs. Product eligibility and product details (including price) may change from time to time and delivery restrictions may apply.

2.2            Your subscriptions are for household use only and are non-transferrable. The subscription service is not available for business use or for resale purposes.

3. Ordering and availability of products

3.1            When you subscribe, we will automatically deliver your products in accordance with the plan that has been set for you. You may change the delivery frequency or skip a scheduled delivery as described in our FAQs .

3.2            You are responsible for ensuring that your details, including your delivery address, are accurate at all times. We will have no liability if you provide us with incorrect delivery address details or fail to notify us of any change in the delivery address and you will remain responsible for the payment of all amounts due for any order that is delivered to the address details that you have provided to us.

3.3            We will send you an order confirmation email when your plan is set up and a payment confirmation email after every payment is taken.  We will send you a shipment confirmation email when each subscription order is shipped and the contract of sale between us and you is formed at this point.

3.4            If we cannot fulfil your subscription order on the scheduled shipping date, we will email you to let you know. If your subscription product becomes available within two weeks of the original shipping date, we will ship it to you with no further action required by you. If your chosen product is no longer available for subscription, we may change it for a suitable substitute product. We will email you to let you know and if you are not happy with the proposed substitute, you can cancel your subscription by contacting us as explained in the FAQs .

3.5            If you need to return a product you have bought via the subscription service because it is faulty, please see clause 10 of our Terms & Conditions .

4. Price, payment and renewal

4.1            Your subscription(s) will continue until cancelled.

4.2            For each subscription order, you will be charged the stated subscription price (inc. VAT) as set out in the order confirmation. The subscription price includes the cost of delivery.

4.3            Any time limited or special offers or discounts that we may offer from time to time will only apply to subscription orders processed while that discount or offer is live and may be subject to further terms and conditions.

4.4            We will charge the price of each subscription order to your chosen payment method, which will be either the one used to set up your subscription or any other payment method you provide by updating your account. If we cannot collect the price using your chosen payment method, we will email you to let you know and place the affected order(s) on hold. We will try to take payment again within 5 days, up to a maximum of 6 attempts. If we have still not been able to take payment after this, we will cancel the affected order and may cancel any subscriptions which use the same payment method as that subscription.

5. Updating or cancelling your Subscription

5.1            You can update or cancel your subscription(s) at any time. If you update or cancel your subscription less than 14 days prior to the next payment date, we will continue to take the originally agreed payment on the next payment date and to deliver the next subscription order (without amendment) and the update or cancellation will take effect after that. Cancellation or update will not affect subscription orders for which we have already taken payment or sent a shipping confirmation. Details of how to cancel your subscription(s) can be found in the FAQs .

5.2            We may cancel any subscription(s) at any time. If your subscription is cancelled, we will email you to let you know. No further subscription orders for the affected subscription(s) will be processed and we will not charge you for any affected subscription orders for which we have not yet sent a shipping confirmation.

5.3            If you subsequently reactivate a subscription, the current subscription price will apply, and this may not be the same as the pre-cancellation subscription price.

5.4            Your account will automatically be placed on hold if we experience any problems with your account, delivery address, or payment method. We will email you to let you know this. You cannot place new subscriptions and we will not process or ship any orders under your existing subscription(s) until the problem is resolved. No deliveries will be made if any outstanding payments are due from you.

6. Amendments

  • We may vary these Subscription Terms from time to time in accordance with our Terms & Conditions .If you do not accept any variation, you must cancel your subscription(s) as explained in our FAQs .


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