LSF140 Kitchen Water Filter

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Our LSF140 1 Micron Carbon Block Kitchen Sink Water Filter reduces unwanted impurities in water such as scale and scum and reduces chlorine, bad tastes, odours, herbicides and pesticides, giving clean, ultra clear and fresh tasting water with every dispense.

The LSF filter features a clever auto shut-off head, which allows the user to change the cartridge without ever having to turn the water off. The filter delivers a high capacity compared to its size and caters for all lifestyle needs.

Drink smarter and improve your wellbeing, with premium filtered water from Monarch Water.

1 micron carbon block - effective against water borne cysts

Reduces chlorine, bad tastes, odours, organic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides

Incorporates scale inhibiting media - helping to reduce kettle scale

10,000 litre capacity at 180ppm

Auto shut-off head - no need to turn water off when changing the cartridge


Capacity (litres): 10,000 (@ 180ppm)

Water Pressure (bar): 2 – 5

Connection: 3/8" speedfit

250 x 180 x 100 – H x W x D (mm)

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